Bric a Brac Productions is not currently touring. Artistic Director Liz Hart has recently become Mother of two small children and is developing her education and making work. I am, however working on a new show with my sister company – Lady Strong’s Bonfire. This new company is co-produced with Tomasin Cuthbert and Tessa Bide and is making shows for adult audiences. We have recently finished the Research and Development phase of our first show “The Bed,” with support from The Arts Council of England. Read more about it here.

I am also working on a series of solo pieces to be performed at home in my kitchen, reflecting on life as a Mother and being at the center of my household. Watch this space or ‘like’ Bric a Brac Productions on Facebook for updates!


Bric a Brac Productions and The Cyclown Circus Band presents The Magic Trumpet
A show for big and small people, inside or out.Have you ever wondered what your Granny’s been up to all those years?! In The Magic Trumpet, a little girl uncovers the stories and memories of her explorer Granny …read more
Bric a Brac Productions presents Richard’s Love
A playful blend of masks and shadow puppetry.In Richard’s Love, Bric a Brac Productions takes you into a magical and muddled world to tell the tale of shop girl Sarah, her unlikely hero Richard and her tricky Mother, who is determined to stand in the way of their love…read more
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    Bric a Brac Productions is Liz Hart and a changing and talented band of performers and musicians.
    Made primarily for intimate theatre spaces, Bric a Brac shows have also found their home on the city streets and wastelands, in café bars, hospitals, village halls, barns and tents… Try and find us a space we won’t play!...

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    “You could literally take anyone from a 2 year old to your maiden aunt, and they would all find it a delight… An escape from the drudgery of 21st century life in to the magic of fairy tale.”
    - David Calder, Bradon Forest School on “Richard’s Love.”