Magic Trumpet

A show for big and small people, inside or out.

Have you ever wondered what your Granny’s been up to all those years?! In The Magic Trumpet, a little girl uncovers the stories and memories of her explorer Granny. She has travelled half way around the world and back all alone except for a magical golden trumpet!

Gather round for a magical musical journey within which Granny’s tired old walking socks wake up and sing the blues, a sand giant from the desert break dances and a real elephant just appears out of nowhere!

The Magic Trumpet is a lively, colourful and thoughtful show inspired by the French Explorer Alexandra David-Neel (1920 – 1979). It is told physically and visually through masks, puppetry, and original live music that will get you up and dancing!

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    Written, created and performed by Liz Hart and Christine de Pierro with the Cyclown Circus band.
    Directorial guidence by Achilles Christos.
    And a guest appearance from an elephant by Kyla Kegler!

    link to soundtrack
    on soundcloud